Chronic fatigue test and where to get it

Chronic fatigue test

A chronic fatigue test should include adrenal stress or adrenal fatigue because the adrenal gland regulates the flow of hormone’s in your body and manages stress, so it stands to reason that you should check your adrenal stress levels to identify what treatment is best suited for you.

Fatigue can have a number of causes working in tandem to leave you feeling constantly tired, weak mentally and physically exhausted, chronic fatigue develops over time anyone can be affected at some point in their lifetime. In Australia 1.5 million people complain of chronic fatigue to their doctor, many of those are told that chronic fatigue is caused by a cohort of lifestyle, physiological, social and well-being issues as opposed to an underlying health condition.

The only way to rule out if the chronic fatigue is caused by the medical condition adrenal stress is to have a chronic fatigue test, the adrenal glands are two small glands just above the kidneys, they function to produce and control cortisone which is a stress hormone, chronic fatigue could be as a result of adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue occurs when your body is under stress and is being pushed too much causing the adrenal glands to reduce producing cortisol that controls stress levels.

Adrenal fatigue signs are a feeling of low energy, difficulty sleeping, you may be putting on weight, feel depressed, anxious, suffer from brain fog or have autoimmune issues, the only way to find out if adrenal fatigue is the cause of chronic fatigue is to have a chronic fatigue test.

Chronic fatigue test


People complain of fatigue and describe it as tiredness, it feels different to simply being tired or sleepy, we all feel tired at different points by resting or having a nap the tiredness goes away, exercising in a way that gets your heart beating faster can make you feel temporarily refreshed.

It may come as a surprise to find that even though you get enough sleep, eat nutritious food and get regular exercise you still find it difficult to get through your daily activities with ease, your concentration and motivation are not at your normal levels, it’s possible that you have chronic fatigue that needs a chronic fatigue test for a diagnosis.


Fatigue can happen because you have an unhealthy lifestyle, a medical condition, stress, family issues, workplace issues, fatigue is major factor in workplace accidents and motor vehicle accidents.

Adrenal stress

Adrenal stress or adrenal fatigue is a term used in describing a group of symptoms associated to the way your body is handling stress, stress can be a combination of mental, emotional or physical pressure, the adrenal gland is pivotal at making hormone’s control stress levels, heart rate, physical strength, and physical strength. An insufficient amount of adrenal hormone’s can be identified by having a comprehensive adrenal stress profile or chronic fatigue test.
Chronic fatigue

Comprehensive adrenal stress profile

This saliva test is provided by True Health Labs, it is  a profile of the HPA or hypothalamic pulmonary adrenal gland axis by testing carefully times samples of saliva containing the hormone’s cortisol and DHEA, this simple test is non-invasive and measures outbound biologically active levels of hormone.

Daily issues, blood sugar disorders, chronic pain, work stress, poor relationship quality can affect the HPA axis and lead to an imbalance in the adrenal hormone’s that can impact on quality of life, the symptoms of a HPA disorder can be vague and may include depression, weight gain, chronic pain, chronic fatigue or insomnia, HPA axis disorder is associated with conditions such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Chronic fat
  • Persistent pain
  • Brain fog
  • Cognitive decline
  • Neurodegenerative disease

Adrenal Stress Profile testing or chronic fatigue rest can shed some light on any imbalance in the HPA axis and provide a path for medical attention in the form of therapeutic treatments like nutrition, stress management, lifestyle changes, prescription medications or behavioral changes.

To find out where you can avail of a chronic fatigue or adrenal stress profile test in your area go to this website.


ADMA blood test locations

ADMA blood test

There are many good reasons why you should consider having a ADMA blood test done especially if you care about the health of your heart, you are probably aware of the risks associated with cardiovascular disease, knowing your ADMA levels is crucial to reducing your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Cardiovascular disease risk factors

There are a number of cardiovascular disease risk factors that include lifestyle, age, family history, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, calcium, plaque build-up, fibrinogen, homocysteine, and others, nearly half of the USA population are affected by at a minimum one in three of the key risk factors these are high cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure.

Luckily there is a new test called ADMA blood test or ADMA SDMA that you can avail of that is a strong indicator of your risk of a heart attack or stroke, this new test ADMA SDMA can also detect the signs of congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and vascular issues in other organs.

What does ADMA mean?

According to Wilkepidia ADMA or Asymmetric dimethylarginine is a chemical that naturally occurs in our bodies, it is found in blood plasma and is a metabolic process of a continuous protein remodeling evolution in the cytoplasm of human cells. ADMA is closely associated with L-Arginine a decidedly essential amino acid, ADMA levels are increased substantially by bad cholesterol or oxidative stress in the bloodstream thus causing a reduction in nitric oxide levels that are essential for vasodilation.

ADMA blood test

Why is this important for your health?

Vasodilation is what happens when your blood vessels expand and contract, essentially it is the widening of your blood vessels as your heart pumps oxygen rich blood to all parts of your body through large arteries, large blood vessels, and smaller arterioles.

Vasodilation is the normal response as blood vessels dilate blood flow increases because the blood vessels relax as the heart pumps blood as needed by your body, the opposite of vasodilation is vasoconstriction.

Vasoconstriction is caused by a number of factors like plaque build-up in the arteries and excessive ADMA levels, excessive ADMA levels cause problems with nitric oxide production that in turn affects vasodilation, so how do you increase Nitric oxide levels?.

Nitric oxide levels

We know that ADMA affects Nitric oxide levels, by having a ADMA blood test confirms the existence of too much ADMA and that is harming blood flow and causing cardiovascular problems so how do you increase Nitric oxide levels, you could eat more foods that helps to produce this amino acid naturally and that’s fine. However, as the aging process inhibits Nitric oxide production you could take an L-Arginine supplement and that will help with the negative effects of too much ADMA and less Nitric oxide.

Less NO

When nitric oxide levels are affected the symptoms that follow are related to cardiovascular disease and other conditions for example

  • High blood pressure
  • Carotid artery disease
  • Arterosclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Poor circulation
  • Atherosclerosis
  • And more.

In a study where ADMA blood tests were completed on Zocalli and fellow workers showed that elevated ADMA levels were associated three times the risk of a severe cardiovascular event or death in those with kidney issues, the clinical trial also found that during the case control study of patients with stable angina pectoris raised ADMA levels were connected to multiplying the risk of acute coronary event by four times.

ADMA SDMA blood test

Simple blood test

The ADMA blood test is a simple test that you can have done privately by True Health Labs set up over 10 years ago by the Clinical Director Doctor Brady Hurst, all you have to do is log on to their website here, the information that you need on the ADMA blood test is there, you will find the draw location nearest to you where you take your ADMA test kit. True Health Labs are a very trustworthy and reputable company that provide blood and saliva tests on a range of conditions including heart disease.

The ADMA blood test takes approximately 8-10 business days to complete, you will need to fast for 10-12 hours beforehand, the test is relatively inexpensive if you order a test kit it will be sent to your postal address and contain your blood test requisition form

All you have to do is to check the nearest draw centre to your location, bring the kit to them, they will take a blood sample, you then post it back to True Health Labs and wait for your result. At that point you will have to decide with your doctor what the best course of action is needed to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease or other conditions.


The reasons for the ADMA blood test are pretty clear, the test is an independent way to ascertain your risk of a heart attack stroke, kidney disease, diabetes, or more importantly damage to the endothelium, not only does this test help to identify da age to the endothelium resulting from excess ADMA causing problems with blood flow that puts your heart under pressure.

The ADMA/ SDMA blood test is now available through True Health Labs and not only measures levels of ADMA (asymmetric dimethylarginine) but also SDMA (symmetric dimetheylarginne) not only does this blood test help doctors to identify the causes of cardiovascular disease.

Very often elevated levels of both ADMA and SDMA are the primary cause of type two diabetes and roughly about seventy percent of heart attacks, to find out where your local draw centre is contact Good Health Labs for more information here.

References dimethylarginine (ADMA) is a,a conditionally essential amino acid

Blood tests near me

Blood tests near me

People that need a local blood test service ask is there are blood tests near me, Health offer a walk in blood testing service in thousands of draw centers across the USA, they offer direct access to a large range of blood and urine tests at a convenient local lab that your doctor uses.

People order their own private blood tests online for a number of reasons that include not having sufficient insurance to cover the cost, high deductibles, the doctor won’t order a particular test, not having any health insurance or older people want an inexpensive alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

Health offer complete and comprehensive health and wellness testing at affordable prices, the tests are done in accredited laboratories across the USA, people ask is there a blood test near me the answer lies in finding out the nearest draw centre to where you live by going here.

Health blood test near me

Health website

Once you log in to the Health Labs website you will need to select the blood or urine test that you are looking for, you will be taken to a page where you will find your nearest draw location (blood tests near me), information on the test that you require, price and how to pay for your blood test.

Once you place your order print off the information and go to your nearest draw location (local lab) they will take care of a blood or urine sample for you, Health will provide your results in 1-3 days inside your confidential online account.

The results are only seen by you, if you require a copy to be sent to your doctor all you have to do is notify Health

Complete confidence

Health place great importance on their customers health, their blood analysis and wellness testing can be very helpful in early diagnosis of disease or disorders therefore your doctor can get the right course of treatment for you before the condition worsens.

They work in tandem with some of the biggest laboratories in the USA including Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp in addition to some of the smaller labs, all labs are CLIA certified, your doctor will be familiar because doctors use the same labs, so you can be confident that you will get a professional service at a blood test centre near you.
Blood test near me

What tests are available?

Health provide private lab tests online to monitor a health condition, disorder or disease, in addition they test for potential diseases or disorders to help rule out various diagnoses, there are hundreds of blood tests to choose from, some of the more popular tests include:

  • Allergy testing
  • Comprehensive Health Test
  • Cholesterol lipid panel
  • Vitamin deficiency test
  • STD test
  • Standard Health test panel

No matter what type of test you require Health has the answer to your question blood tests near me, including hormone testing, low T or testosterone tests, food allergy tests, and a basic wellness test, just go their website to find out more here.


No doubt if you have a health concern you want to get it sorted as soon as possible, most doctors surgeries are inundated with people seeking medical help, it can take time to get an appointment, it can take time to get a blood test done, it can take time to wait for the result, then you have to make another appointment with your doctor to find out the next steps.

With the blood testing service offered by Health you have a convenient affordable blood test service at a location near you and you don’t even need a prescription to get it done.

Time is of the essence, especially if you are worried that something serious could be wrong that’s where the Health blood testing service comes in, to find out more go to their website here.


Hopefully you have enough information that answers your question on how to find a blood tests near me, Health can help you with all the information on blood and urine testing in a private and affordable way, the results are often given to you within 1-3 days, now that is fast, to learn more go to their website here.

Blood testing labs

Blood testing labs

Blood tests are so important to your health, blood testing labs provide affordable blood tests online and are available to everyone it’s just a question of finding blood testing labs near you, pick the test that you need, order it, print off the prescription and blood test and go to your closest draw centre. Blood and urine test results are usually available in your online secure and confidential account within 2-3 days depending on which test you choose.

Blood testing labs

What do blood testing labs provide?

Almost every blood test that you can mention is available at your fingertips from comprehensive blood panels, brain and heart tests, allergies, std test, DNA, stress levels and many more, all you have to do is to go to this website and take a look at the blood test categories and choose one for your needs:

  • Arthritis and inflammation testing
  • Anaemia testing
  • Allergy test
  • Blood type and blood disorder test
  • Covid 19 testing
  • Cardiovascular health and cholesterol testing
  • Drug testing
  • Diabetes test
  • Pregnancy and fertility testing
  • General health and wellness tests
  • Hepatitis testing
  • Heavy metals and toxins testing
  • Hormone testing
  • Infectious diseases testing
  • Kidney and liver testing
  • STD testing
  • Thyroid tests
  • Testerone tests
  • Vitamin and nutritional tests


Frequently asked questions

People want answers to frequently asked questions regarding blood testing labs, these are some of them:

Do blood testing labs accept insurance?

Blood testing labs provide a direct to consumer service at discounted prices from all of the major certified labs that your doctor would use, so any payment for services are not covered by insurance.

Is the service available in my area?

Depending on what part of the world you live in and the regulations there will determine if the blood test that you need is available all you have to do is go here and use the location checker.

Can I use my HSA card?

It depends, some work on the software, you can find out here.

What happens if I want to order blood tests for someone else?

That isn’t a problem, after you choose the blood test simply put your name in the billing field and in shipping put the name of the person that you are ordering the blood test for.

Does my doctor need to write a prescription?

You don’t need to get a doctor’s prescription, that is provided by the blood testing labs.

What are the age requirements?

You must be over 18 to order a blood test, otherwise a parent must be involved, for more on this go here.

What taxes or shipping do I have to pay?

Every blood testing lab test is tax-free, shipping is free in the USA however to find out whether you have to pay for shipping to your part of the world go here.

I can’t find the test I’m looking for?

Blood testing labs have access to all types of tests, some may not be visible online, if there is a specific test that you need it is possible to build your own blood test panel and submit it to the blood testing lab for processing, to find out more on this go to this page.

Blood test results

Can I rely on the results?

100% the leading online blood testing labs like True Health and Health Labs use the best national laboratories that are fully CLIA compliant and accredited, the same labs that your local GP would use, blood testing labs provide tests in laboratories for alternative medicine so you and your Healthcare provider have access to the maximum treatment available.

Do I need to fast before a test?

It really depends on the type of blood test, for example if you need a cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides blood test then you should fast for 10-12 hours beforehand, you can drink water.

How confidential are my results?

Blood testing labs like True Health and Health Labs have been at the forefront of online blood testing for many years, customer privacy and confidentiality are very important and respected, you will be the only one that gets your results and your doctor if you so wish.

When and how will I receive my results?

Your blood test results are emailed to you and are also available in your secure online account, waiting time is approximately 1-4 days depending on what test you have ordered, the mote advanced and comprehensive tests can take up to 14 days.

What if I can’t understand the results?

Again it depends on the test, some are easy and self-explanatory to understand for example a test could be “high or “low” other tests may show a functional range that helps to identify more subtle health changes that could be concerning, a trained health consultant at True health or Health Labs can help you understand your test results.

What if my test result is abnormal?

An abnormal test result is a signal that it should be discussed with your doctor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong but further diagnosis may be needed.

Do I receive a test kit?

In some cases you will have a test kit mailed to you, in other cases it may be just a simple requisition form that you need to print off and bring to your nearest draw centre, for more on this go here.

What’s the best day to mail my blood test?

Should your test require a test kit you will be required to mail it back to the lab by using the return shipping label and the sample bag that is included, the best days to mail are Mondays or Tuesdays to avoid any weekend delays.

Where do I go for my test?

When you have decided on the test that you need you will see draw locations, to find your draw location click on that button select the nearest draw centre and order your test.

Is there a fee for drawing a sample?

In general the major labs like Quest Diagnostics don’t charge a draw fee for tests that they are doing, tests from laboratories that provide kits may incur a nominal fee.

What is the test procedure?

Following your test selection you need to find a local draw centre then ho to checkout, you will receive a form/and or kit, go to your nearest draw centre to have your sample taken and mail it to the lab in the bag provided. When results are ready you will receive an email on the same day.
Blood testing labs blood test

Why get a blood test ?

People search online for blood testing labs for any number of reasons, however a blood test is the best way to find out if something that is causing you concern needs to be looked at in greater detail, your doctor may have already completed some tests for you, perhaps you aren’t happy and want further investigation or maybe your health insurance doesn’t cover a particular test or you just want to have the best health possible.

Whatever your reason rest assured that reputable blood testing labs like True Health and Health Labs can provide you with a comprehensive range of tests that are affordable, reliable, confidential and are tested in CLIA approved and certified labs.