Blood work near me find out now

Blood work near me

You may need a specific blood test and want to know if there is blood work near me, Health provide a comprehensive range of blood work, by logging on to their website here you can do a search for the test that you need and find out the nearest draw centre where you can have a sample taken for analysis.

Health offer a huge range of tests, most are blood tests, they also have saliva and home testing kits available, the most common blood work rate complete blood count, blood chemistry, blood tests to assess cardiovascular disease risk, and blood enzyme tests, here is a run down of some of the most popular tests that are ordered;

Complete blood count (CBC)

A complete blood count is a very common blood test, it’s usually done as part of a routine assessment, it provides information that helps to detect blood disease and disorder like blood cancers, infections, clotting disorders, anaemia, immune system issues, you may well ask is the blood test near go to the website to find out more.

The CBC measures your red blood cells for abnormalities, your red blood cells do an important job of carrying oxygen from your lungs around your body, abnormal red blood cells could be a sign of dehydration( not enough fluid in the body) infection, a blood cancer or a problem with your immune system.

Speaking of your immune system the CBC also measures your white blood cells for abnormalities because those cells are a big part of your immune system that fights against infection and disease, if there are abnormalities in your white blood cells it could point to immune system disorder, infection or blood cancer.

The complete blood count looks for abnormal platelet count because platelets are fragments of blood cells that help your blood to clot by sticking together to form a seal over a cut or a break in the blood vessel wall that stops bleeding, any abnormalities in your platelet count could be a sign of a bleeding disorder or thrombotic disorder. Other disorders of the blood are measured by your haemoglobin levels when blood work near me is completed, haemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that is rich in iron, abnormal levels may be a sign of anaemia, sickle cell anaemia, thalassemia or other blood disease.

A complete blood count will look at levels of hematocrit in your blood or how much space they take up, if levels are high it could mean that your are dehydrated, if they are low you could be anemic, abnormal hematocrit levels could also point to a disorder in your bone marrow, the CBC also measures your mean corpuscular volume because the average size of the red blood cells is compared, abnormal levels may signal a bone marrow or blood disorder. To find out more on this blood work near me go to the Health Labs website here.

Blood work near me

Basic metabolic panel

The BMP or basic metabolic panel is a bunch of tests that measures several chemicals in your blood, these tests are completed on the fluid or plasma section in your blood, the BMP test can provide your doctor with a lot of information on your muscles especially your heart, bones your organs your kidneys and liver, this plasma test looks at blood glucose, electrolytes and calcium as well as kidney function.

Blood sugar (glucose)

A fasting blood sugar analysis will determine glucose levels in your blood, abnormal levels may be a sign that you are diabetic, calcium levels are also measured because it is an important body mineral so abnormal levels could be a sign of problems with the kidney, thyroid disease, malnutrition, bone disease or another disorder.

Electrolytes and kidney tests

Electrolytes and kidney tests are done because electrolytes are a body mineral that helps to maintain levels of fluid and a balance of acids in the body that includes potassium, sodium, chloride and bicarbonate, abnormal electrolyte levels could be a sign of dehydration, liver disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart failure or other disorder.

A kidney function blood test will measure blood urea nitrogen and creatinine, both are waste products that your kidney filters from your body, if levels of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine are abnormal it could be that you have a disease or the kidney or disorder.

Blood enzyme test

A blood enzyme test checks on chemical reactions in the body, there are a number if these I will focus on one important blood enzyme test because it involves a sometimes deadly and very common heart attack, the blood test measure Troponin levels and creatinine. Troponin is a protein in your heart muscle, it helps your heart muscle to expand and contract, if your heart muscle has been damaged Troponin will leak out, consequently Troponin levels will rise in your blood, elevated levels of Troponin could mean that you have suffered a heart attack, similarly elevated levels of CK-MB or creatine kinase could also mean that you have had a heart attack.

Lipoprotein panel blood test

A lipoprotein panel blood test is a blood test near you that assessed your risk of coronary heart disease or CHD, this fasting blood test measures substances in the blood that contain cholesterol, cholesterol is useful for a number of tasks in the body, however too much bad cholesterol can spell trouble so a lipoprotein panel blood test can measure:

  • Total cholesterol
  • Bad or LDL cholesterol the type that builds up and causes plaque to form in your arteries
  • HDL or the good cholesterol that keeps the bad cholesterol down
  • Triglyceride levels a fat that is in your blood

A lipoprotein panel blood test will give your doctor all of the measurements HDL, LDL, and triglycerides in your bloodstream the test looks for abnormal levels that could indicate your risk of coronary heart dis8ease.

Blood clotting test

A blood clotting test or coagulation test will check on the proteins in the blood that are involved in blood clotting, abnormal results could suggest that you are at a higher risk of bleeding or progressing to a blood clot in your blood vessels, a blood clotting test is also used to check on the effectiveness of blood clotting medications like warfarin and heparin.


Health provide all the information that you need on blood work near me, whether you need tests for blood work tests for the immune system, home testing, DNA tests, urine tests or any other blood test Health can help you find a local lab near you to carry out any blood work that you need.

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