Health is an online lab testing company set up over 5 years ago with the aim of providing a wide and comprehensive range of blood, urine and saliva tests to the public at affordable prices carried out in approved laboratories and at a convenient local draw centre.

Health are an online lab testing company that where the public can order hundreds of various tests through their online booking system, the system allows you to pick a lab test of your choice without a doctor’s prescription because they take care of all prescriptions as part of the service. Let’s take a look in more detail at the service offered and compare it with making an appointment with your doctor for a lab test.

Review of Health online lab testing service

Health is an online lab testing service and like every service there are pros and cons, on the benefits to you the end user Health pros are:

  • They have partnered with 4,500 lab test centers across the United States
  • All labs are CLIA approved and certified offering the exact same tests as your doctor
  • Lab tests on more than 100 blood or urine samples
  • User friendly website
  • Prices are very affordable, clear and no hidden charges
  • Prices are guaranteed or you get a 10% discount and a price match
  • Home visit for a sample can be arranged
  • Health advisers are on hand to explain test results and guidance

On the negetative side Health have a few cons that they are working on to rectify, they are:

  • Less lab coverage in rural areas, especially the Mid West
  • Large amount of tests can be confusing

Why I recommend Health

I recommend Health because they are a first class lab testing company that are partners with the biggest and well-known CLIA certified Labs in the USA, their lab testing service is ideal for people that simply want to go online and order their test of choice without having to spend a lot of time visiting their doctor to get a lab test ordered.

Health service is particularly useful for those that don’t have health insurance or those that need to have frequent tests done or specific blood panels, the service is very private and the prices are the lowest that can be found on the internet or you get a price match and a 10% reduction. If you know what test you need all you have to do is to go to the Health website order and pay, print off the lab test requisition form and take it to your local lab, most lab tests results are available on your account within 3 days ( more detailed tests take longer)


What tests do Health do?

The online lab testing service provided by Health makes the process of going online to order a lab test easy and simple to use, they have an extensive range of tests that include:

  • STD tests
  • Infectious disease tests
  • Drug tests
  • Heavy metal tests
  • Hormone tests
  • Vitamin and nutritional tests
  • Thyroid tests
  • Cardiovascular disease tests
  • Diabetes tests
  • Wellness tests
  • Lipid panel tests

That list is just a small part of the number of tests that are available for you to order from the comfort of your own home, just to be clear Health don’t send a home testing kit to you, instead they write your lab test prescription and you take that to your local lab to have a sample take, then you will get your test results through your discreet online account.

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Do you need a prescription?

Definitely not, that’s a real benefit of their service, if your particular test needs s prescription their company doctors will arrange that for you, after you place your order simply print off the laboratory requisition paperwork and bring it to your local lab, even if you don’t have access to a printer simply use the fax facility to send the firm to your local lab.

What tests are available?

Health offer well over one hundred varied blood and urine tests, in addition they offer dozens of commonly used panel tests these are combinations of particular tests that a doctor would order, the most popular types of these are:

  • Chronic disease tests
  • Drug tests
  • Congenital disease
  • Heavy metals and toxicity
  • Vitamin and nutritional tests
  • General well-being tests
  • Infectious diseases tests
  • Hormone tests

How long do you have to wait for results?

The online test service that Health offer is a convenient and affordable place to place an order for your lab test, they are the guy in the middle that has offered you comprehensive access to all 4,500 CLIA certified Labs spread across the USA, in a nutshell their tests ordering is as simple and straightforward as you could get:

  1. Log on and select your test
  2. Pick a local lab
  3. Go to checkout and pay
  4. Have a sample taken at your local lab
  5. Wait for 2-3 days for most results some will take longer

Once you are on the Health main site look for the tests that are of interest to you, they are easily found in their own categories organized into disease type, condition or health issue, what you find in the common categories like diabetes, STD screening or thyroid conditions there will be other specific panel suggestions. If you are picking more than one test or panels just add to the shopping cart, next search for a lab near you by using your zip code.

Next, once you have chosen a local lab go to the payments page where you are asked for the basics such as your full name, email contact details, date of birth, and gender, they accept most credit cards, prepaid debit, PayPal, FSA or HSA, following payment the system automatically creates a lab test request order that you can download directly or send to your email address, the form includes the lab address and other instructions fasting etc, simply print it off or fax to the lab.

Once you have the test requisition in your possession take it to your nearest lab when you are ready, bring a copy of your driver’s license for identification, results are normally back in your online account within 2-3 days, Health will let you know by email.


Is Health a scam?

Definitely not, they are a legitimate and serious company that take your lab tests very seriously, they have over the last five years or so built a reliable and efficient lab testing service by becoming partners with over 4,500 CLIA certified Labs and offering the lowest price possible for over 100 lab tests, not only that but you as the consumer don’t need to go to your doctor for a prescription all of that is taken care of for you as part of the service.

Is HealthLabs good value?

I believe that Health offer a comprehensive and vast range of lab tests at good value for money prices, their service is private, professional and trustworthy, people are very busy these days so visiting a doctor to order a health test is inconvenient, having said that there are times when you no choice but to visit your doctor but when you are knowledgeable about the tests that you need then why not take advantage of the great service that Health offer by going directly to their website here.

Is the service private?

Health take your lab test very seriously that’s why absolute discretion is top of their list when it comes to dealing with customers, they have a 100% secure client interface for that sole purpose, you will have to verify your email address and create an account password that only you will know. Their system is encrypted and no one but you can access your test results, they will never phone you or send you a text, all communication is done by email, just so you are aware of the fact that certain states have legislation that means some diseases like HIV or STIs have to be notified to the local health authorities.


I hope that I have explained in enough detail for you about the Health online lab testing service, I do recommend that you at least take a look at what they have to offer, I’m sure that you won’t be dissatisfied with their online lab treating service.



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