Where to get blood work done

Where to get blood work done

If you need a blood test at a local lab you have come to the right place, let me show you where to get blood work done at an affordable price in a convenient local draw centre carried out by a professional certified CLIA lab. Direct access to online lab testing is now at your fingertips thanks to Health Labs.com a service set up over 5 years ago where you can order individual blood work directly from a CLIA certified lab and you don’t need a prescription from your doctor.

The number of CLIA certified Labs available to you is of the order of 4,500 spread right across the United States, many if them offer a walk-in service so all you have to do is go to the Health Labs.com website choose your specific test at a discount, print off the blood test requisition form and bring it to a walk-in lab where a healthcare professional will take a sample and get it processed for you.

Specific lab tests

If you are looking for a specific lab test no problem just simply use the search button at the top put the test name in and press search, or you can check out test categories, these CLIA approved labs do not bill the insurance companies so you have to pay when you order, all tests are heavily discounted to make them affordable to the public, so it’s easy to find where to get blood work done.

Once you have found and ordered your blood test all you have to do is to go to your nearest draw centre to have a sample taken, typically lab blood tests results are emailed to you within 2-3 days, Health Labs.com can forward your results to your doctor upon request, the benefits of being able to order blood work online are affordability, convenience and confidentiality.

Where to get blood work done


The beauty of knowing where to get blood work done is affordability, you can order a test without a doctor’s prescription because all of that is taken care of by Health Labs.com, you don’t need insurance, in most cases the lab tests are heavily discounted and cheaper than using your doctor. Insurance companies are more focused on high deductibles so patients are having to pay the full price on e for the doctors’ visit and once for the test, at Health Labs.com you can avail of the huge discounts sometimes as high as 85% on tests, no doubt about it this option is the best on where to get blood work done.

Convenient blood work

The people at Health Labs.com know that your time is valuable so by offering a prescription for a blood test saves you time, imagine how long this procedure would take going through your doctor, you are concerned about your health so you have to call and make a doctors’ appointment in some cases this takes several weeks. You arrive at the doctors’ surgery sit and wait sometimes up yo 90 minutes, your doctor will examine you and in nine cases out of ten will order a blood test, you have a sample taken it is sent to a lab, about a week later you will get a call from the practice nurse or doctor with your results then you are referred for further treatment. It really is a long-drawn-out process why not speed up the process and make it far more convenient by knowing where to get blood work done and visit the Health Labs.com website here.

Confidential blood testing

Every step of the way with the blood testing service is confidential, at the start after you order your blood test a confidential encrypted online account is set up for you, only you have access to the information held there, that is where you will find your test results that can be printed and brought to your healthcare provider, the beauty of the confidential service is that you take charge of your health safe in the knowledge that you fully understand what the test results mean because the lab have provided you with a professionally trained care assistant to talk you through the blood test results.

Health Labs.com have an extensive range of blood tests including some of the most common like blood lipid cholesterol, wellness testing, thyroid tests, DNA test, paternity tests, drug tests, STD tests and do much more.

Health Labs.com


Companies like Health Labs.com provide a service that assists you to find where to get blood work done at prices that are very affordable this allows you to take charge of your health with the help of the test results and in consultation with your doctor. Health Labs.com make it super easy to find a specific blood test or category by simply inputting a keyword into their easy to use interface, they respect your right to privacy and offer a walk-in lab service right across the USA and other countries, the lab tests are very affordable because of huge discounts and you don’t need a doctors’ note to get blood work done.

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