True Health Labs bio

True HealthLabs. com was started by Dr. Brady Hurst over 10 years ago to make affordable lab testing directly available to those who are underinsured, insured or  those that simply want to have their own blood tests in order to make decisions in conjunction with their doctor that is the best for their their health, some pick affordable lab tests online because doctors refuse to order the test for them.

Over the past few years, True health labs seen an overwhelming number of people searching the internet looking for information on important health issues. People come across are “functional lab testing services”. These labs are intended to give a deeper insight into how your environment, e.g., what you eat and are exposed to, affects your short and long-term health. Some examples are vitamin/mineral,  food sensitivity testing, and organic acid testing. is a Direct Access Testing (DAT) company that provides lab tests sourced from dozens of CLIA certified labs across the USA and internationally. service

Talk to your doctor and ask for the list of your lab tests, simply go to the True Health labs website, pick the test that you need then order them and save 20-80%

Select Browse the test categories for the lab tests that best fit you.

Do your own research and then order the necessary test(s) online at True Health labs.

Great treatment starts with great lab tests. True Health Lans can provide you with the best and most comprehensive test information for you at affordable prices and in good time, you don’t need to put your health at risk, get your own testing done and be in control of your health.

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