What is a troponin blood test for?

What is a troponin blood test for?

People ask what is a troponin blood test for, it measures levels of T or Troponin I proteins in your blood, why? because T proteins are released if the heart muscle has become damaged for example during a heart attack, a heart attack damages the heart muscle the more damage the more T & I proteins will be found in the troponin blood test.

Other names for a troponin blood test are Cardiac-specific troponin T, cTnT, Cardiac-specific troponin I, TroponinI, Troponin T, cTnl, or cTnT.

A high sensitivity cardiac troponin blood test is able to detect even small levels of troponin T in the bloodstream, a normal level range for high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T tests is 14 ng/l, this exact number of Troponin T was arrived at following several studies who on patients that had no heart complaints and were apparently healthy, the number 14 ng/l was the number that healthy people with no heart issues had following a troponin blood test.

what is a troponin blood test for

If a doctor suspects that a patient has had a heart attack he will order a troponin blood test to detect if the troponin levels are above 14 ng/l, if that is the case a heart attack and heart damage is likely, as the high-sensitivity troponin T test becomes used more widely the ng/l number will be refined even further to take into account the patient’s age, sex, any underlying health condition and ethnicity.

How does a troponin blood test work?

A troponin blood test is done by collecting a sample of blood, fasting or any special steps aren’t necessary, True Health labs offer a private and confidential troponin blood test in a location near you, to find out more on this go to their website here,

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Why is a troponin blood test performed?

The single and most common reason to perform a troponin blood test is to detect if a heart attack has happened, if somebody has symptoms of a heart attack like chest pains, arm pain, angina, shortness of breath or extreme tiredness, the test is usually repeated twice more over the next 6-24 hours.

troponin blood test

Results of troponin blood test

Normal levels

Normal troponin level range can vary a bit among different testing laboratories, some use different measurements eg, high sensitivity troponin test or they may test different samples, the cut off point may also vary for normal and probable heart attack {myocardial infarction}.

Cardiac troponin levels are usually in the low numbers and hard to detect in most blood tests.

If normal troponin levels are detected in the 12 hours following chest pain it tends to mean that a heart attack is unlikely to have occurred.

Abnormal Results

Abnormal troponin levels can be just above the normal range it often means that the heart has been damaged in some way, high levels mean that the patient has had a heart attack.

Most heart attack victims have increased troponin levels within the following six hours, almost all heart attack patients will have elevated troponin levels during the following twelve hours and it may stay that way for 1-2 weeks.

What causes increases levels of troponin?

A number of factors can cause increased levels of troponin like:

  • Inflammation of the heart muscle usually due to a virus (myocarditis)
  • Prolonged exercise {running hard}
  • Abnormal fast heartbeat
  • Trauma that causes an injury to the heart {car accident}
  • Kidney disease {long term}
  • High blood pressure {pulmonary hypertension}
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Congestive artery spasm
  • Weakening of the heart muscle

Medical procedures can also affect troponin levels such as:

  • Stents angioplasty
  • Heart defibrillation
  • Electrical cardioversion
  • Radio frequency abalation of the heart
  • Open heart surgery.


I hope that you are better informed about what is a troponin blood test for, ruling out or confirming a heart attack is the most common reason, if you require a troponin blood test done privately then go to the True Health Labs website for more information on the nearest draw centre to you. True Health labs provide a huge range of blood tests in laboratories that doctors use, they are a highly respected blood testing company headed up by Doctor Brady Hurst.

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