what is c reactive protein in a blood test

What is c reactive protein in a blood test

People ask what is a c reactive protein in a blood test because they may already have had a blood test done and need to know what to do if their c reactive protein levels were high or they may want to have a blood test done for other reasons, all you need to know about what is a c reactive protein in a blood test is in this article.

C reactive protein blood tests

C reactive protein blood are carried out to measure how much inflammation is in the body because inflammation is very often the root cause of so many health conditions, a CRP blood test will be of benefit to you and your health care practitioner in helping to diagnose the exact cause of your symptoms, the information will also provide a pathway to get you back to better health.

What is CRP?

CRP or c-reactive protein is a protein that is made by your body in several parts, your immune cells primarily make CRP so your liver and fat cells make up most of the CRP protein, depending on the amount of inflammation in the body levels will rise and fall, CRP falls into the acute phase reactant or a marker for inflammation that shows significant changes in serum levels during inflammation.

What is c reactive protein in a blood test can be better explained by giving the example of the body is going through the initial stages of the inflammation process so an injury or an infection has happened and CRP levels quickly rise, people assume that when you have a large bruise or a black eye that levels of CRP rise higher than normal and that is true however a CRP blood test can also reveal other inflammation that isn’t so obvious to the naked eye for example inflammation internally that could be caused by damage to blood vessels as is the case in atherosclerosis.

What is a c reactive protein blood test

Why get a CRP test done?

C reactive protein blood test or CRP is a great way to find out for example how an injury or infection is healing or progressing, a CRP blood test is a good idea to do for example if you are recovering from a long illness because the levels found will help you and your doctor to determine whether to take any further steps, a c reactive blood test can also track what is happening with chronic inflammation in conditions like inflammatory bowel diseases (ibd) Rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis and many others.

A c reactive protein blood can be done at a location near you by the staff at True Health Labs, to find out more information on what is c reactive protein in a blood test and where you can have it done go to the True Health Labs website here.

How to understand CRP results

Your test results will be emailed to you, a staff member will be on hand if you need an explanation on how to understand CRP results, the protein levels are measured in mgs of CRP per liter of blood, generally speaking low levels of CRP are better than elevated levels because it points to less inflammation in the body.

The Cleveland clinic say that a CRP reading of less than 1 milligram per liter would indicate a low risk of cardiovascular disease, a CRP reading of 1-2.9 mgs per liter suggests an intermediate cardiovascular risk while a reading of 3 mgs per liter points to a high risk of CVD. Finally, should you get a c reactive protein blood test reading of 10 mgs per lite or more it could mean that you need further tests like a comprehensive cardiovascular disease profile test so that other conditions can be ruled out like:

  • Autoimmune disease flare up like arthritis
  • Cancer particularly lymphoma
  • Irratiable bowel disease
  • An infection in the bone
  • Osteomyelitis
  • A significant infection
  • Pneumonia

Please note that elevated levels of CRP can be affected by taking birth control pills but other inflammation markers aren’t always abnormal in women taking pills for birth control, however high levels of CRP could mean other complications more studies are needed to gain a better understanding of the relationship between pregnancy and c reactive protein blood levels.

You may be pregnant or have the symptoms of another inflammation type disease or infection so a c reactive protein blood test may not be accurate enough to assess any cardiovascular disease risk, your doctor is the best bet for advice on this.

Can a CRP test detect disease?

No, a CRP blood test will measure the levels of the c reactive protein in the blood, there are no unique symptoms associated with elevated CRP levels but it does show that inflammation is present in the body and the test can help to eliminate potential disorders such as crohn’s disease.

What are normal ranges?

Normal c reactive ranges are less than .55 mgs per liter for men and less than 1.0 mgs per liter for women, people that are overweight may have elevated CRP levels because the fat around the abdomen area leaves room for harmful cytokines that cause c reactive levels to increase.

High levels of CRP in the body isn’t something to be concerned about if you had a recent injury, it would be concerning if levels of CRP didn’t return to normal after a while because it could mean that inflammation is increasing and you may need to go back and speak with your doctor for further investigation.

What is c reactive protein in a blood test

When should you consider a CRP test?

Following an injury or infection the inflammation process starts normally 6-12 hours afterwards and reaches its peak between 48-96 hours following the event, once you receive a diagnosis of a major health condition you need to get your CRP levels checked over the following month or so to determine whether your treatment is working or if changes are needed, a c reactive blood test will provide evidence on the severity of your condition, if levels are found to be rising instead of falling preventative action may be needed.

How much does a c reactive blood test cost?

The CRP blood test provided by Doctor Brady Hurst and his team at True Health Labs costs just under $80, the test is affordable, the results are available to you in about three days, all you have to do is to go to the True Health Labs website here to order your c reactive protein blood test.

What do you do with the results?

Your blood test results are confidential and are stored in your online account at True Health Labs you simply print off the test result and take it to your doctor for further investigation and treatment if necessary,

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What to do if CRP is high

A c reactive protein blood test isn’t by itself a diagnosis of a particular disease, doctors use the phrase bio marker meaning a CRP test is part of the overall diagnosis taken into account, by taking measures to lower your levels of CRP doesn’t guarantee that you won’t contact an autoimmune disease or cardiovascular disease, a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress reduction are the recommended things to implement into your life to lower your risks.

Should your c reactive protein in your blood test turn out to be high you could be at risk of heart disease so a doctor may prescribe a statin drug for you or an aspirin, a lot of people believe in taking a good Vitamin C supplement or a strong probiotic that can have a positive effect on lowering CRP levels in your body.



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